Lifelights® : A montage of precious memories crafted in Stained Glass.

I have always loved stained glass but never thought I would one day be lucky enough to live it daily as I now do creating “Lifelights®” – leaded light stained glass windows with a “hero” image created to celebrate people’s passions in whatever form that shows itself – a place, a memory, a painting, event or photograph.

Motivations for commissioning a Lifelight® are as broad as there are reasons to love and be loved – special times such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, a memory or “just because”.

Clients love that daily the sun gives sparkle, vibrance and elemental life to their window. Also, maybe as much so, the time spent choosing a hero image and the updates on the window’s build makes the creative development of a Lifelight® a life-changing event for everyone involved.

It’s how it worked for me and is literally the gift that keeps on giving. 

In practice, since starting, Clients have come from all walks of life and with so many reasons to celebrate a life loved, cherished or occasionally, lost.

Who would your window be for? What would the hero image be and why does that matter?

Do share.

Nick Velody 2020

Creating Lifelights®

Lifelights® are a bespoke meeting of old craft techniques and new creative technologies .

Miners’ Gala 

Painted – Printed – Leaded

Sanctuary Door Knocker 

Painted – Fired – Leaded 

Son in the Sky

Scanned – Printed – Leade

Three approaches.........

Miners’ Gala : Painted-Printed-Leaded: This started with an original watercolour painting of a local miners’ Gala which the client has had for many years. Moving out of the area, she wanted a reminder in her new home of the happy times she and her husband enjoyed there. The painting was (carefully) scanned from the canvas and then printed onto clear glass and mounted in a bespoke panel designed to create a real sun-lit feature in their new house.The detail from the original painting is fabulous  and would not be possible with a more traditional image painted by hand directly onto the glass.  New technology in harmony with ancient leaded panel techniques works!

“Sanctuary Knocker”: Photographed-Printed-Leaded: This recreates the famous medieval “Sanctuary” door knocker on the northern door of Durham Cathedral. This was painted directly onto glass and fired in the traditional  way using metal oxide pigments mixed with water and gum arabic, hand-painted with brushes and fired in a kiln. Framed here for display purposes it is mounted as a series of single panels above a front door alongside a number of images to keep alive the history and passions of a mother who had died when her children were still young. Almost black at night the image appears daily at dawn and springs out in the sun

“Son in the Sky”: Scanned-Printed-Leaded: This is my son on the rocks by the sea. Proving that North Yorkshire skies are as good as any! This was an early test looking at how modern print techniques would allow photographs to be printed on glass and then leaded up. They can be!

If you are interested do get in touch. As  part of Lifelight® briefing process I ask for some time to talk about the person behind the brief. It makes it more meaningful for me to know not just why but for whom a  window is being created.