Rebuilds & Repairs

Glass broken, panels damaged or old age taking its toll

Part of the joy of working with stained glass is that the basic processes in cutting, painting and leading panels is unchanged over the last 500 years or so. I embrace fully the exciting new print-on-glass technologies, led lighting and even double glazing but some of the basic elements can and should never change – not least the role of the sun!

Traditional lead light panels do decay over time with lead needing replacing as it weathers or if the lead-light cement wears out. Sometimes weakened lead can result in cracked glass if left unsupported. Also accidents can happen with doors slammed or an ill-thrown ball (or in one case a javelin) causing significant damage to your panel.

I will always help if I can either in the form of a full re-leading, replacing the lead calm (pronounced “came” – the lead which makes up the slotted panel into which the glass slots). If old glass is damaged I will replace it, finding if possible a close match although exact matches are not always possible since older glass may have been produced locally long ago. If a painted panel is damaged we can look at all possibilities including of course partial or full repainting of the image.

Generally, if local to me in Herts, Beds, Bucks or Greater London, it is better for me to remove a panel to repair it, ensuring no more damage takes place and critical are measurements taken . In-situ repairs of small pieces of glass are possible in certain circumstances (one is trying to put a piece a glass into a hole smaller than it!). Get in touch to discuss your needs.

My focus is on Lifelights® but I love stained glass and bringing a beautiful, much loved panel back to life and so offer decades more enjoyment is something I find very rewarding.